If you are a natural do-it-yourselfer then it is reasonable to wonder what to expect from professional pest control that you couldn’t provide yourself.

Let’s face it, being a homeowner can keep your hands full. You might be handy and frugally minded so cutting your own lawn and fixing a leaky faucet are no-brainers. Now that we can all google any question we have and research methods and products you might also think that you can control an invasion of any pest out there as well. To some degree, that’s right.

The Fallacies of the Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Mindset

Nothing Beats Experience

Most pest control professionals are highly trained experts who have experience observing and interpreting environmental clues. Even watching a list of You Tube videos and reading numerous blogs can make up for a sharp eye and quick analysis that comes with experience.

Here at Heath Pest Control we are able to quickly identify the species of ant, roach, termite or other pest that threatens your home. We diagnose the situation and determine the best treatment more often than not delivering it right there on the spot.


If you do your research and choose to purchase chemicals, you may be limited to off-the-shelf products that are simply not as effective as professional agents that your pest professional uses. Accessing the professional level products that we use can get costly as you are likely to have to buy more than you really need for your use.

When you hire Heath Pest Control you have a flat fee for the maintenance plan. It covers our time and materials. No additional cost to you with the exception of termite removal fumigation and tenting.

It’s Easy

Sure, when you watch a professional pest control technician at work it can look easy. However, we have the analytic framework and experience for quick diagnosis and the tools of our trade right there in hand. We can put our hands on the right chemicals stored in our truck and take care of things immediately. If not, we can return in short order for a more complex treatment and we know what needs to be done.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Service

Here is what to expect from professional pest control services. When you hire a professional pest control service you get quality prevention measures and a commitment to return for treatment when a problem arises.

We visit your homes regularly (at a frequency that is comfortable for you.) You can arrange for annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly visits to monitor pests around your area and diagnose issues at the early stages. Preventative maintenance like this is critical to solve issues before they assume alarming proportions.

What to Expect from Professional Pest Control on the First Visit

When you contract for our regular service our first visit is important. We listen to your concerns and may ask questions that will help us better understand the environment and potential opportunities that exist for pests to come inside.

We provide a thorough preventative treatment both inside and outside your house. A typical first visit includes a full treatment in the kitchen and all bathrooms. We spray around every door and windows.  Our attention also includes closets, baseboards, plumbing voids, cabinet voids, and outlets.

On the outside of your home we spray the  eaves, windows, soil, and bushes.

Ongoing Treatments

Our most common service is a quarterly service where we return every 3 months. We focus on treating the exterior of your home on these visit -eaves, windows, soil, and bushes.

We stand by our inside pest treatment. Your guarantee means that when or if something appears we are on call to come back for spot treatments. You call us and we will be there.

What If I have Tubes in My Home? If your home has “tubes” then you have a centralized in-home pest control system that allows us to provide an indoor treatment without entering your home. The outside ports of a “tube” system allow us to shoot chemicals into the wall voids. On your first visit, we would still enter your home to provide the full treatment, but on subsequent repeat visits, we can treat both inside and outside by way of the centralized in-home pest control system.