Pest control during hurricane season is always a concern for Sarasota homeowners. Believe it or not, just as we homeowners are trimming trees, buying supplies and shuttering our windows when a storm is on its way so are pests such as rats, roaches, ants and other pest preparing for survival during this season.

Everyone wants to find a safe place to ride out the stormy weather.  Even a simple torrential thunderstorm may drive ants to seek dry ground, rats to find a haven in your home, and cockroaches, well, they apparently can survive anything!

We’ve prepared a few tips for pest control during hurricane season.

Rats and Rodents During a Storm

Rats are amazing swimmers so if they are not already in your home during a storm they can freestyle their way to an overhanging tree, onto your roof and into a chimney, vent, or crevice. Bottom line – they are looking for a dry spot to hunker down and make their own.  Bait at this point is not going to do the trick. Here’s what we suggest to do before the storm hits:

  • Seal all crevices in your siding, soffits and window casements.
  • Invest in a screen to cover the chimney or other vents.
  • Trim trees that brush onto your roof. Cutting off overhanging branches is best.
  • Set out preventative traps in your attic or crawlspace

Ants Awash During a Hurricane

One would think that ants would get washed out entirely by the never-ending rain, but no, they have a plan. Ants, especially the fire ants that can cause so much pain with their stings en masse, will band together to form a floating army of ants. They connect together and float as a whole until they land or bump up against something that can give them shelter. While it would be perfect if they floated right down a storm drain, too often they float from your yard to a dry corner of your house. If there is a crack for access within, they will all pile forth into your home. Horrors!!

What to do?

  • Treat your yard regularly to minimize colonies of ants
  • Keep those cracks and crevices sealed, including the seal under doors
  • Be very aware of what you step into if you are going outside during the rain!

Mosquito Pest Control After the Storm

What’s worse than mosquitoes in the Florida summer?  Mosquitoes breeding like rabbits after a storm!! Actually, that metaphor should change. I think mosquitoes are more prolific than rabbits! They can lay their eggs in less than a thimble of water that collects in a single leaf of a plant. How can you fight this uphill battle to minimize their opportunities to procreate?

  • After the storm diligently overturn and empty any reservoirs that have collected excess water. This includes potted plants, storage containers, divots in your pavements (use a brisk broom)
  • Call us for post-storm treatment of your yard to attack the mosquitoes that are there.

Schedule Sarasota Pest Control During Hurricane Season

We are happy to visit your home for pre-storm and post-storm evaluations. This provides you peace of mind before the big storms and a quick way to resolve issues as you recover from a hurricane, tropical storm, or big soak. Preventative pest control during hurricane season can keep you safe and comfortable.

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