We get calls for professional ant removal treatments all the time. Most calls are from first-time customers who are in distress and may not know what to expect.

While some life-long Florida residents wax philosophical about sharing their homes with our diminutive six-legged friends, others run in horror with the sight of just one invader. Wherever that tipping point occurs along the continuum of comfort for you, we understand and are ready to spring into action.

Dr. Michael Bentley, chief entomologist of the National Pest Management Association understands tolerance for some ant traffic.  “That being said, if homeowners find a few ants marching across the kitchen counter, there are likely many more hiding out of sight,” he opines. “And, ants can breed very quickly, meaning that a small ant problem can quickly turn into a major infestation if not addressed.”

He also points out, ““Ants are the most commonly reported pest in the country.”

Rescue from the Land of Ants

Out of the more than 700 different species of ants throughout the country, only 25 infest homes. These types of ants can require different treatments to get rid of them in the home. You might consider home remedies and wiping up spills quickly, but that usually won’t solve the problem.

Calling for professional intervention will make your life a whole lot easier! Even the expert Bentley agrees, “A licensed pest control professional will be able to properly identify the ant species, which will influence the type of treatment recommended.”

What to expect on the first professional ant removal visit

A professional visit will typically look like this:

Assess the situation

Inspect the property for ant foraging trails and potential nesting sites

Identify the infesting ant species

Design a treatment strategy.

When to expect results

Of course, results vary based on the size of the colony and the methods required for treatment.

Then, immediate results are not typical. However, you will likely see a noticeable reduction in the number of ants within 7 to 10 days.

“Ants are one of the most difficult pests to treat. You need to know the species; do a full integrated pest management treatment which includes inspecting and identifying before treating. Sometimes, you may need several treatments to keep the ants under control,” said Bentley.

This is the principal reason why it is unrealistic to expect your entire ant problem to be solved by one visit of the exterminator or pest control professional.

Different ant species require different treatment methods, many applied over time. Why?  A colony of ants usually contains many thousands of members and only the workers are out and about to be seen.

Finally, when you have reached the EEK factor with the ants in your home, call us. We can help.