It is reasonable to want to know what to expect when you have your first professional pest control visit.  You have decided to let essentially a stranger into your home to inspect the nooks and crannies. First, you want to be assured that it will be worth your while or you would buy chemical and do it yourself, right?

Maybe you’ve noticed a few spiers or even roaches skittering to hide when you turn on the kitchen light at night. Sure you could go to the hardware store. But what if you have hidden, more serious problems? You want quick action and you’ve become convinced that prevention is worth a pound of cure!

We’ve written lots of blog posts about why, beyond the ICK factor, you would want to prevent bugs and pests from settling into your home. Insects such as termites can cause damage to your home from the inside out.

Calling for the First Pest Control Visit

If you are considering a pest control service for the first time, you may wonder what to expect from the initial visit. Once you know what to expect, the process is pretty straightforward. We put together a list of six things you should expect from the first pest control visit.

A Professional Introduction

You may well be meeting me, Jon Heath, or certainly another one of our professionals and we will be wearing a shirt with our company logo.  We will see our branded vehicle in the driveway and we will introduce ourselves.  During this COVID time, we will certainly be masked for your protection, and ours.

We will first introduce ourselves upon arrival. We aim to help you feel comfortable with our presence in your home since the we will need to move around both inside and outside. Please ask any questions or voice concerns you have on this first visit. Of course, you can ask us questions anytime now or in the future. No limits!  

Therefore, make sure to ask any questions or voice any concerns now. Then, you’ll be able to relax and we can go about doing our job which is to inspect several key areas of your home.

Entry Point Inspection

We think like the pests and target any potential entry points as the first place we’ll inspect. This means checking around pipes, windows, doors, attics, garages, and crawlspaces. These are all areas where insects, rodents, and other pests enter the home. An inspection of these areas takes some time, as we will need to look for cracks and find hidden areas that could allow pests to enter.

Yard Examination

Next, we will inspect your yard and the rest of your property. Throughout your outdoor spaces, we are looking for the types of conditions that might attract and provide safe haven for all manner of pests and rodents. We might have suggestions for the removal of piles, debris and leaking water sources, for example, that are like neon lights inviting the pests to come on over!

Moisture Check

We will be  checking indications for  moisture in and around your home. A moist area is more likely to attract and harbor pests than one that is dry. We use a flashlight and tools including a moisture meter to find areas that may pose a problem.

Review and Report

We may have some immediate feedback for you, but likely we’ll collect our thoughts and data so we can present a more useful report on what we’ve discovered. I like to go out to my car or sit quietly somewhere uninterrupted before I return to you for our discussion.

Concluding Discussion

While it is not always possible if you have a busy schedule, it is best if we can sit down together to discuss the findings. The idea is to inform you of exactly what is going on in your home. You should learn what we’ve found, and what steps you need to take to remedy any current problems and prevent future ones. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have about the inspection or future services. You may wish to ask if you need to use any precautions around pets, or if you need to do any follow-up care on your own.

Depending on what we’ve found and your preference, we may go ahead and begin the first steps to treat your home. In most cases, I will complete this while you and your pets are still in the home. In any case, you should feel more comfortable about this step after the discussion.

Although it might seem simple to treat a home for insects and other pests, it can be a lengthy and complex process to complete a thorough inspection and full circle picture of how to protect your home.. When you understand exactly what we need to  do during the first pest control visit, you can prepare yourself and your family for what is ahead.

We sure hope you feel comfortable with taking the next steps and would give us a call. You can also request a visit at this link.