Every homeowner should be aware of what happens if they don’t catch termites early. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termite damage costs Americans $5 billion annually. As a homeowner, particularly in Florida, you are more likely to face the ravages of termites than fire or even hurricanes. Well, in a heavy storm season that might be a stretch depending on where you live. The point is that the danger is real and you risk your home and your wallet if you ignore the signs.

Untreated, termites can cause more damage to houses than fire, floods, and tornadoes. If there is any sign that you might, just might, have termites the worst thing you can do is wait. Chances are if you see some sign of termites you have been sharing your home with them for quite some time already.

Termites are 24/7 eating machines and the highly destructive Formosan subterranean termite so common in Florida can cause damage at lightning speed. There is a reason it is nicknamed the “Super Termite.”

Termites eat anything wood… paper, plaster, even metal can be destroyed by their constant nibbling. By eating away at your home’s structure, flooring, laminates, walls, etc. they are causing significant damage. The longer you let them feast, the more it will cost you to repair your home. Extreme cases will lead to the collapse of your home. What is worse is that most home insurance policies do NOT cover termite damage.

Did that scare you sufficiently? No need to be paralyzed with fear. It is time to be vigilant and proactive.


During the spring/summer swarming season you might see what looks like flying ants. Quick identification is key. Find one and save it to show your Heath Pest Control service person or take a photo with your phone to send to us. If you find wings or small bodies in your home, we would want to see that as well. 

Those nasty subterranean termites build mud tunnels between the soil and wood of your home, a sure sign they’ve set the table at your address. Even slight warping, pinprick holes, or blistered surfaces are signs.

Seeing these signs of termite damage can be frightening, we understand, but our team knows what to look for and can give you peace of mind and a plan of action. Just contact us for a termite inspection.

With early detection you can minimize the expense of treatment and repairs saving your home and wallet.