Is there a termite season? That’s a trick question, right? Sad to say, termites are with us year-round, but when Florida’s climate turns toward its hottest and most humid season (six months of it!) we begin to see more signs of termite infestation.

What to Look for

Swarms in the evening

You don’t typically see actual termites, but when you do it might be the drywood termites that tend to swarm in the evenings, April through July.

Mud tubes

The aggressive subterranean termite infests your wood from the ground up. In order to protect themselves as they work their way up the structure, they build mud tubes. Look for the tubes.

What they leave behind

You might find termite wings and their little fecal pellets dropped in odd places.

Check your wood

Wooden surfaces that seem to have blistered are a sign, but even smooth surfaces when knocked on might sound hollow.  Knock around and listen for that open, resonant sound that indicates the wood is no longer as dense as it should be.

And remember, these little critters like ANYTHING made of wood so in addition to the wood in your rafters and the frame of your house, check out flooring and furniture.  Paper is a by-product of wood so wouldn’t you know they love your books, too!

More Tips:

  • Termites love moisture, so get rid of the places where water collects. You would want to inspect your soffits, window frames, and concrete slabs around your homes. Place mulch or landscape plants at least a foot (or more) away from any building. Your outdoor faucets and sprinklers need to point away from structures. Routinely watering the side of your house is an open invitation for undesirables.
  • Limit wood-to-ground contact and use pressure-treated wood when possible.
  • If you love antiques and used furniture, please sure to examine furniture for the presence of termites before bringing it home. You might want to be careful of ANY wooden item you bring into the home, new or used.

Is there a termite season?

The answer is YES. When you see a termite, note the time of day, date and circumstances and contact us immediately.